SC Code of Honor

SC Code of Honor is an incredible horse and absolutely the most beautiful animal you have ever seen.  Honor was bred and born at Silver Creek Mountain Horse Farm in Winchester, Kentucky.  He was trained and showed at Van Bert Farms in Stanton, Kentucky,  He has spent 3 years as a stallion and trail horse with Mary Lipginski at Whispering Oaks Farm in Taylorsville, Kentucky until April, 2014 when he was acquired by Celtic Ridge.  

He is a Mountain Horse high point conformation winner and was the Conformation Grand Championship in 2009.  He won the Mountain Pleasure Conformation World Grand Championship, the United Mountain Horse Conformation World Grand Championship, and was Reserve Conformation Grand Champion at the Rocky Mountain Horse International Show. He is a Lifetime Breeder's Cup Stallion.

Many of these pictures where taken by acclaimed equine photographer Bob Langrish, and have appeared in several horse magazines and even calendars.

Code of Honor's Pedigree



H’N’P Dream Seeker

Chase is a 2009 Mountain Horse gelding that has become one of our main trail horses here.

Chase is what a Rocky Mountain horse show be.  He is built like a tank - with a powerful body, 15.2 hands tall on 4 large hard feet.  The Amish, who trim his feet, always comment on how perfect his hooves are.  He is the great chocolate color with a very thick flaxen mane and tail that is beautiful.  

Chase is is a trail pro, through water, up and down hills, through the thickest brush, over huge logs and any obstacle you can come up with. You point and he will take you there. He pickets on a line or will stand tied where ever you put him.

Chase is out of LA Bud, and was born and started by Vernon Stamper of Overlook Stables in Sharpsburg, Kentucky.  Vernon Stamper, Overlook's owner, is a third generation Mountain Horse breeder and trainer.  Dreamer was purchased in 2012 by Debbie Kimberley of Sunderland, Ontario, who further trained and extensively used dreamer in a variety of performance horse activities and as an accomplished trail mount. Chase is a very smart horse, that will lay down on cue.

Chase will come up to the fence if he hears the truck start and trailer door open.  He loves to go along.   He listens to leg cues, has a good stop, gaits and will canter when asked. You can mount him from the ground, get on with a mounting block, use a picnic table or what ever, he will stand there quietly for you and not take off.

You can see by the pictures that Chase gets a lot of use - and is an intregal part of farm.

Chase's Pedigree


VBF Very Superstitious, or Legend as we call him around here, is a gelding out of Van Bert Farms in Kentucky.  His sire is Triple S Big Slick, a 2010 Breeders Cup Stallion with lots of ribbons to his name.  On his dam's side Legend is just 3 generations removed from Tobe, the foundation sire for the whole Mountain Horse breed.

Legend has been an incredibly quick learner.  He was trained as a yearling by Shaun Beardsley at Liberty Pines in Rose City, Michigan using the Pat Perrelli method.  Legend now spend all of his time trail riding here in Michigan, and has become a dependable horse and an excellent example of the Mountain Horse breed.


Dock's Maximillian is a 2008 gelding sired by the legendary Mountain Horse Dock.  Don't let Max's size fool you - he is 100% business in motion.  Beginning in 2017, Max has started an impressive string of big time show wins, including grand championships.

Max is usually ridden by our daughter, Teagan O'Bryan, who is in her first year showing Mountain Horses.

Max's Pedigree


Sundown's Kentucky Smoke

This is Sundown’s Kentucky Smoke, a 2007 gelding out of Blackjack Cowboy and a Spanish Sundown mare.  Smoke is a beautiful grullo color with a dorsal stripe and trademark zebra striping subtly on his back legs.

Smoke was started in Kentucky, and then later received extensive trail riding in Missouri in Tennessee before coming home with us to Michigan in 2016.  Smoke has participated in the largest trail horse event in the country in Eminence, Missouri and also rode in a mule train round up across many miles of public roads.

He is fun and excellent gaited trail horse for us.

Smoke's Pedigree



Nikko is a Kentucky Mountain Horse gelding who was born in 2000.  He is a smaller gaited horse who loves to ride trails and have a good time.  He will go anywhere and do anything you ask him to.  He is the smoothest horse anyone around here has ever ridden, and is the sweetest horse to handle.