Thunder is a 2002 Chocolate Mountain Horse mare that is breathtaking in size and confirmation - and yet the most calm and gentle horse you can imagine.  Thunder has produced a steady stream of sound, solid trail horses.  .

When you talk about foundation horses - Ima is only 4 generations from Tobe, and 3 generations from 4 of the most prodigious Rocky stallions of all time out of Tobe, Kilburn's Chocolate Sundown, Sewell's Sam, Sam Clemen's Tim & Yankee(Ragtime).  Thunder produces horses that reflect everything that is good about our Mountain Horse breed - temperament, gait & good looks.  She also has unusual size for this breed.

Like all certified to breed Rocky mares, Ima was started on the ground, then saddle - and was proficient in training and gait to be approved to be used as a brood mare.

Thunder's Pedigree

Sean O'Bryan

Davison, Michigan estate planning attorney Sean O'Bryan has been helping families for over 25 years work through the complicated issues of trusts, wills, estate taxes, elder law and probate avoidance.  He is noted author and speaker on a variety of estate topics.  Sean is married and has 2 children, and lives on an active farm in Lapeer, Michigan with several horses, sheep, goats, chicken, dogs & cats.