PAF Triple Winner

PAF Triple Winner, or Tripp is an 2005 Quarter Horse gelding that looks identical to Trigger of Roy Rogers fame.  This blond palomino has 4 perfect white stockings, a blaze and a white main & tail.  He was ranch branded at the farm he was foaled at.  He is registered 5 ways, with the American Quarter Horse Association, the Foundation Quarter Horse Association, and as a Palomino, a Paint and a Pinto.  He was used as a stud for his 5 years in Florida, then in a traveling circus, and later as a race track pony horse.  We have had Tripp since 2012, and have used him extensively trail riding, in couple of parades, and even as a lesson horse for our daughter.  Tripp may be offered for $6,000 if the right home presents itself.


Cody's Walkin' Classy

Cody is a 2002 Registered Tennessee Walker gelding.  He is a flashy and exciting horse who loves people and attention.  He has had lots of training and work.  We often comment about how he would look better hanging out on a California beach, with his bleach blond highlights, and good looks.  This is pure gaited horse, who is at his best trail riding. 


Messin' With Success

Mess is a 1998 Quarter Horse gelding that we acquired from Canada 4 years ago.  He is a finished reining horse, with many years of training and use.  He has competed in various reining horse shows all over Michigan and Canada for most of his life.  His original owner was a friend of student of Pat Parelli.  Mess has been trained through every level of that program.  He was used as Sean's primary mount for his work with the Lapeer County Mounted Posse, and is now our daughter Teagan's main riding horse.


Twister's Independence

Luka is a 997 buckskin Quarter Horse gelding.  Every farm needs a Luka.  He loves children, and despite his smaller size, he knows how to stand up for himself with the big dogs.  Luka spent a few summers in the Upland Hills children’s equestrian camp.  This buckskin is a dependable horse with plenty of good moves still left.


Carbon's Midnight Joe

Midnight Joe is a solid black Registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding who was born in 1995 - and is the oldest horse at our farm.  We call him the General, because he is always in charge, and there isn’t a wall he would charge right through.  Joe is a very competent trail mount, who like to move out when he is in the backwoods of Michigan.  he has completed the Michigan Shore-to-Shore trail ride a couple of times - and is always the dominant horse in just about any group he is with.



Wyatt is Quarter Horse gelding, born in 2000, who was bred and raised on a working cattle farm in Colorado.  He is a tank, who will charge up the steepest hill - yet gentle enough to do lessons for toddlers.  He is Aimee's horse.  She rode him once, and fell in love immediately.